About Us

The Liberian Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund (LEADER Fund), was established in August 2007 to assist Liberians who were primarily affected by disaster situations, specifically flooding during the monsoon-like rainy season and from sea erosion.  Over time, we made several humanitarian contributions and worked with the Liberian Red Cross on couple of humanitarian events.  We also assisted couple of burn victims and one kid who drank acid/lyesol to find care or connect with care givers.

In the US, we supported one Philadelphia family who lost their home due to fire. Our last major project was during the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Liberia when we tirelessly worked to bring attention to what was going on. We were very active with creating awareness, organizing donor groups, doing events, seeking and acquiring materials/medication.supplies and PPEs for shipment to Liberia.  We shipped the collected products to the Gbowee Foundation and to ActionAid for distribution.

Since that time, the LEADER Fund has evolved more into an organization focused on supporting and enhancing the development of Liberia, partnering with other development oriented organizations, but still maintaining an awareness of disaster and relief activities as in a realistic sense, Liberia can be considered as being in an emergency and disaster situation.  The LEADER Fund is a 501(C)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization registered in the State of Maryland.

We applied to and were accepted into the GlobalGiving March 2019 Accelerator.  Our signature project, INTEGRATING ENERGY, WATER, AND FOOD – CESTOS CITY, aims to  integrate the nexus of energy, water, and food in Cestos City, Rivercess to provide:

  • students an opportunity to study at night;
  • the administrative building electricity during the day;
  • public water directly into the communities and for the public sanitation house we will build; and
  • nutrient dense vegetables at reasonable prices for community members.

Fundraising has been slow. We are very hopeful that after the coronavirus pandemic we will have a better chance of success in raising the funds to implement this project.  We also have two quick impact projects we are working that can be viewed at the below links:

Our mission is to generate and maximize contributions from Liberians, humanitarian organizations, corporations, and the general public to mount an effective and rapid humanitarian response to major emergency and disaster situations affecting Liberians in Liberia or the Diaspora, assist with the rebuilding of Liberia’s healthcare infrastructure, and create innovative opportunities for Liberians to empower themselves through education, technology, healthcare, sanitation, agriculture, and entrepreneurial initiatives. The above projects are fully in line with our vision to “create innovative opportunities for Liberians to empower themselves through education, healthcare, sanitation, and entrepreneurial initiatives.”  We believe if successful, this model can be replicated across the country to help develop our various communities.